What happens behind the scenes?

We have been so busy around here lately! You might have noticed we are blogging a little less?

After 3 years in business we decided to shift things around and see what works better for us. We are sending out a few more mailers and blogging a little less. Our 2 years of blogging 3 posts a week has been hard work but also has paid off in many ways.

I would recommend blogging to all new and aspiring businesses. Create original and shareable content and then pin your post images to Pinterest. I think it is important to have beautiful photos and amazing ideas but just get started somewhere. To date our most pinned blog post is one I did on my apartment floor on a Sunday afternoon.

We get non stop traffic from Pinterest to our website from both old and new posts. Some of our most pinned blog posts (All DIYS): DIY Fox Stamp, Copper Magazine Rack, Plaited Wall Hanging, Make your own pots.

Here are some images of us behind the scenes on shoots and in the office. Thank you for all of the support.




Robyn x