French Bulldog Print – See the process!

You may have seen this pic we recently posted on instagram. We designed and made this frenchie pattern on a whim, just for fun. I thought it would be nice to share with you just how we came up with it and brought it to life! Sue (our head of production as well as creative genius) is behind this one! She started with a picture of our office pup Biscuit (he’s normally in on a Friday!) She then sketched him roughly in pencil.

Frenchie lover? Check out these cute frenchie biscuits we baked a while ago!


She then advanced to a more detailed pencil drawing which I used a marker to fill in. We changed it up a bit and decided to remove the marks that look like tears on his muzzle and what looks like a bandage around his head.




We scanned in the marker version, turned it into a vector and then screen printed it!



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One Comment

Bev Cornwell
July 30, 201512:20 pm

You should use this on some of your products – I think it would be hugely popular!