Wallpaper Zana

Zana Wallpaper Range Launched on That Wall Shop

We are so excited to announce our brand new wallpaper range sold online exclusively in South Africa. Believe it or not, before Zana, co-founder Sue Britz did wallpaper for corporates and hotels full time. So we really know a whole lot about the wallpaper game. Here are some things you need to know:

– We started That Wall Shop (www.thatwallshop.com) to allow for a wonderful, easy to use, e-commerce system fit for selling wallpaper. Maybe the first of it’s (wallpaper) kind in South Africa? (I could be wrong!)

– That Wall Shop will sell our Zana wallpaper but it will also allow us to design and sell wallpaper in a variety of styles. We also can do custom wallpaper work under That Wall Shop.

– We manage That Wall Shop so if you phone or email the details on the website you get through to us Zana girls. Same trusted service!

– Wallpaper is a commitment and investment so we are happy to let you know that you can order a sample of any of our wallpapers online. You can then stick it up on your wall and get a good feeling for it before you make a final decision.

– We have experience working with corporates, hotels, boutique shops as well as residences. Get in contact, we can help you bring your wallpaper dream to life!




Brush Strokes – Black


Wallpaper Cape Town


Wallpaper Carve



Brush Strokes – Grey Reverse

We hope you love it! Please get in contact if you have any questions.