Our New Look

Getting dressed in the morning is hard. You’re always thinking about who you’re possibly going to bump into that day, who might see you if you decided to wear your slouchy sweater because it was too cold to take it off this morning. When you’re a brand – what you look like counts too. But when you’re a small brand, constantly growing and changing things to streamline your processes it’s tough to keep an eye on EVERYTHING. Something that we have recently been trying to tighten up on is our visual identity.


C H O O S I N G   A   C O L O U R   P A L E T T E

your colour choices need to work in various applications


We all know what it’s like, looking back at high school photos and thinking “why on earth did I wear that with THAT?”. Times change and so do our tastes – there isn’t anything wrong with that, as long as you take the transformation in your stride. When you’re a small business it’s easier to tweak things here and there, the fonts you use in mailers, the visual texture of your social posts, they can go unnoticed. But when more and more people are looking at your brand, you need to start being more consistent. For one, consistency is good for always being picked out amongst the tons of media messages we get blasted each day (you know your favourite brands’ ad before the logo even pops up on the screen). Consistency is also key for building a strong brand presence, gaining loyal followers as you go.



P A T T E R N   A C C E N T S

one of our new fabric designs puling through into our new visual identity

At Zana, we have seen amazing growth of our products and brand (thanks to lots of hard work and all the support from you Zana Girls, of course) and decided to put a few visual identity guidelines in place. Just to stay focused you know – cause we tend to get a little crazy with all the creative freedom 😉


V I S U A L   I D E N T I T Y   A P P L I C A T I O N

from the website to per purchase cards – every bit needs to speak the same language

We hope you like the new look (you may have noticed the mailers have incorporated some elements lately) that we will be rolling out. Keep your eyes on the website for some changes coming SOON!


Nikki x