Fewer things, More meaning – Robyn

Its been a while since we have done some more personal posts on our blog. Today’s post is about a topic we have been talking about a lot around here.

It feels so natural to buy everything I like. Have you ever been in to typo and walked out with things you totally don’t need? Like a giant ceramic ice cream? I’ll admit I’m guilty of this! I end up with drawers, shelves and tables filled with ‘things’ I paid R150 for, on a total whim.

Now, there is nothing wrong with that! I love a good find, a bargain. I just have started to implement a new strategy into my life with regards to consumerism. Maybe some of you can relate? I feel like its better now to only buy 1 expensive blouse from Zara this month rather than 10 ‘fashion’ items from a cheaper retailer. Its an investment, it will last, it will be special and you will be obsessed with it.

I try to have this strategy with everything I buy now. I rather only buy things I love and that I am obsessed with. They have a meaning, a story and are special. They have become my trinkets and my treasures. I have fewer things but I value the things I do have, much much more. My life has less clutter and I feel happier about it.

When I explained this blog post concept to the Zana Girls here in the office I got some confused looks. Maybe it isn’t clear at first thought and like us maybe you just have a think. I just asked the team, think of the objects you own that have meaning. Maybe you found it by pure chance in the bottom of a bargain bin at a stall on the side of the road in Istanbul. Maybe you inherited something? Maybe you bought handmade mugs from a business that has an incredible story. It doesn’t have to be expensive even. I bought a solar powered good luck waving cat in China, it cost R10 but i’m so obsessed. He gently waves at me from my window sill. It has meaning and a story.

Today I wanted to share a few examples of my treasures:

A brass leaf I bought at Long Street Vintage Arcade. I spent a Saturday morning going through piles of junk and found a few brass treasures! What can I say? I am a magpie like that, love a good shiney gem! It cost me a few hundred rand. On it I have a crystal my grandfather found when we were on a houseboat on lake Kariba.

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I bought this blue stone pyramid and the camel in Cairo last year. I tried to buy less tourist junk and more beautiful pieces that symbolised the area but didn’t get old! I also have some rocks I brought back from the Turkish coast in my backpack. They sit in a peice of ceramic that I made.

If you connected with this post, comment below with some of your treasures. Send us an email with some pics, we would love to feature you on our blog!


September 9, 20151:05 pm

Love this post! I completely agree! I’ve been busy going through all my things. If it doesn’t fit the bill or if I bought it on a whim with a grand idea in mind that I haven’t gotten around to after a year or that I’m not passionate about I’m taking it to a hospice. Maybe some of my impulse buys can be someone else’s treasure. 🙂

Robyn - Zana
September 9, 20152:00 pm

So true Rita! Declutter and then when buying new things in the future, think before.


September 9, 20151:29 pm

I agree so much with this! I had a mug obsession a few years ago, and bought so many that were cheap or looked nice but have no real story behind them. Now I have a cupboard full of them, but the only ones I really love were gifts from my Mom and boyfriend, and those are the ones I actually use. Have you watched ‘The True Cost’? It’s a documentary on the buy-all-the-things trend and the fast fashion industry. It talks about how the volume of products has increased so dramatically (and they’re all mostly affordable too, so we can buy a new dress every month) that we’ve ended up surrounded by things we don’t use or need. Minimalism is the way forward I think.

P.S. My Typo strategy is to look at the pretty things but wait a few days and rather go back if I still want something. That place is dangerous! 😉

Robyn - Zana
September 9, 20151:58 pm

Thanks so much for commenting Lauren! I have seen the trailer for “The True Cost” but I think I am going to watch it! Fast fashion is pretty depressing and I wish more people would educate themselves about it.

You really summed it up with your mug cupboard. Its EXACTLY that for me with so many things. I’m thinking more about what I buy!

PS. Love that typo strategy! Im getting better and better with my self control in there haha!

<3 xx lovely to chat!

Nicole Henriques
November 17, 20151:16 pm

Ican totally connect with this post. For me it all started when I found Unfancy.com and started working on my capsule wardrobe. However this way has been solidified after I read ” The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. I’m sure you will love the book , Robyn.

Take care,