Fewer things, More meaning – Robyn September 7, 2015 – Posted in: Lifestyle & Design – Tags: , , , ,

Its been a while since we have done some more personal posts on our blog. Today’s post is about a topic we have been talking about a lot around here.

It feels so natural to buy everything I like. Have you ever been in to typo and walked out with things you totally don’t need? Like a giant ceramic ice cream? I’ll admit I’m guilty of this! I end up with drawers, shelves and tables filled with ‘things’ I paid R150 for, on a total whim.

Now, there is nothing wrong with that! I love a good find, a bargain. I just have started to implement a new strategy into my life with regards to consumerism. Maybe some of you can relate? I feel like its better now to only buy 1 expensive blouse from Zara this month rather than 10 ‘fashion’ items from a cheaper retailer. Its an investment, it will last, it will be special and you will be obsessed with it.

I try to have this strategy with everything I buy now. I rather only buy things I love and that I am obsessed with. They have a meaning, a story and are special. They have become my trinkets and my treasures. I have fewer things but I value the things I do have, much much more. My life has less clutter and I feel happier about it.

When I explained this blog post concept to the Zana Girls here in the office I got some confused looks. Maybe it isn’t clear at first thought and like us maybe you just have a think. I just asked the team, think of the objects you own that have meaning. Maybe you found it by pure chance in the bottom of a bargain bin at a stall on the side of the road in Istanbul. Maybe you inherited something? Maybe you bought handmade mugs from a business that has an incredible story. It doesn’t have to be expensive even. I bought a solar powered good luck waving cat in China, it cost R10 but i’m so obsessed. He gently waves at me from my window sill. It has meaning and a story.

Today I wanted to share a few examples of my treasures:

A brass leaf I bought at Long Street Vintage Arcade. I spent a Saturday morning going through piles of junk and found a few brass treasures! What can I say? I am a magpie like that, love a good shiney gem! It cost me a few hundred rand. On it I have a crystal my grandfather found when we were on a houseboat on lake Kariba.

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I bought this blue stone pyramid and the camel in Cairo last year. I tried to buy less tourist junk and more beautiful pieces that symbolised the area but didn’t get old! I also have some rocks I brought back from the Turkish coast in my backpack. They sit in a peice of ceramic that I made.

If you connected with this post, comment below with some of your treasures. Send us an email with some pics, we would love to feature you on our blog!