Fewer things, More meaning – Nikki

A week or two ago Robyn blogged about her cherished treasures and her strategy of ‘fewer things, more meaning’. I have a very similar approach to my belongings, but at the same time trying to keep clutter to a minimum and only buying what I REALLY need.

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I have trouble justifying a high price tag for something that I’ll probably not be into in a year or so and generally spend my money on experiences and good quality food and produce. Being healthy and richer in experiences is way more important to me than having the best #OOTD (i.e outfit of the day). I get rid of material possessions without thinking twice just to free up space, physically and emotionally – having tons of stuff really drags you down and that’s why I LOVE a good spring-clean!

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That being said, I have this beautiful tea set that I am sentimental about and will probably keep until the day I die. After my grandmother passed away my grandad felt the need to give this set that belonged to his mother to me. These multi-coloured fine bone China cups and saucers are hauled out with pride at any given tea-opportunity to share my sentiment with friends and family.

Keep an eye on the blog for fellow Zana girl, Melissa’s, post to the series!


Nikki xx