Fewer things, More meaning – Melissa

This has been a sweet little blog series, for the month of September us #Zanagirls have fully embraced the ‘spring clean’ season! While I can be a bit of a hoarder every now and again I do enjoy a big clean up too.

When Robyn first mentioned this blog post concept to us Zana Girls here in the studio we gave her some confused looks. Maybe it isn’t clear at first and like us maybe you just have to have a little think… We were asked to think of the objects that we own that have meaning. Maybe it’s something we found by pure chance in the bottom of a bargain bin in a random little trinket shop or maybe it is something we inherited? It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just needs to have a little story and a special meaning…

So this was a tough one for me simply because I consider most of the things in my home special! Be it my original Duros armchairs that I bought with my first ever salary (not the whole salary, just a good part of. lol) or the grandfather clock that I inherited from my Grandpa, everything has some sort of meaning to me and my home wouldn’t be a home without these little things.


I decided that the items I would choose for this blog series would be my homemade terrariums. I love having touches of nature in my home, plants require love and nurturing and with these things they grow. I find this so inspiring, this special message is so true for many things in life. We are all ever changing and with love, patience and nurturing we all grow and change into who we are today. The ‘grass’ is greener where you water it…



If you connected with this post, comment below with some of your treasures. Send us an email with some pics, we would love to feature you on our blog!