Zana X Superbalist Bed Linen Range

The linen range we designed and produced for has now been launched and we are so excited with how it came out! Have you seen the pictures over on our Instagram? In the process of making the linen we took a TON of behind the scenes snaps with our phones that we have been dying to share. This was definitely one of the most ambitious projects that we have taken on! If you imagine the shear size of a king duvet cover, its a lot of print and a lot of fabric to sew and handle. It was so nice to be able to take on a project like this, as a small business, and have the support of knowing it was going into the hands of the coolest & fastest growing e-commerce retailer, Superbalist!  We are excited to have it be exposed to a huge base and just in time for Christmas wishlists! –

I went back and forth on sharing these pics, but I decided it might be inspiring to see the process of how we did it all. So here goes.

The design process – All of our designs start off with sharpie on paper. (Why Sharpie? It’s easier to scan in an vectorise a bolder shape.) We then scan in, fix the shapes and then make up the patterns. Who designs everything? It’s a question we often get! Well for this bedding range we really all did something. Melissa is the lady with the ideas, she specifically inspired the midnight snack duvet set and quite a few more of the designs! Nikki and I (Robyn) do the computer work in Illustrator (knowing the programs takes some practice) and then we print out the mock ups, all hash it out in a meeting and let everyone say what they think. Sue constantly guiding us on how to set everything up at the right size and scale. Sue also spent a while mixing ink in the studio to get the perfect shade of grey that is used in most of the linen. From there we work on the feedback and get it to what we think is perfect. The designs are then sent off to get screens made for printing.


We prep all the blank fabric for printing which involved hours and hours of cutting off the roll. All the fabric is then sent off to be printed and cured. When we get it back we lay it out again on our table and do final cuts and pinning. It is then all sewed up into finished products before we package them nicely into clear packets.

P R I N T E D  F A B R I C  O N  T H E  R O L L


S O R T I N G  &  F O L D I N G

Finding just the perfect way to fold everything took some thought and team work getting it into the bags.


P A C K A G I N G  T I M E

We designed some fun packaging for the pillowcases and duvets.



We hope you loved seeing a little look behind the scenes. If you did please leave us a little comment below so we know!

We are currently doing paperwork to possibly move into a really nice big new studio and we can’t wait! Thanks for everyone’s support!

x Robyn



November 9, 20153:13 pm

Love seeing the behind the scenes pictures. These bed sets are so awesome. Hope to see lots of pictures of the ‘big new studio’!

Robyn - Zana
November 9, 20153:14 pm

Thanks Nikita! You are an absolute darling! <3 pics as soon as we can confirm 😛

November 17, 201512:43 pm

Loved reading more about your process! You girls are just so on point!

October 31, 20169:54 am

I ordered bedding from superbalist but it came without the pillows and I actually ordered it because of the pillows .. how do I get the pillow cases for this bedding ?

Robyn - Zana
October 31, 201610:00 am

Hi Cindy, What is the design of the duvet you purchased?

October 31, 20168:45 pm

Hit snooze on one pillow and on the other pillow said one more time (snooze duvet )

October 31, 20168:50 pm if you would like to mail me then I can’t miss your reply .. many thanks

November 1, 201610:49 am

Hit snooze on one pillow and on the other pillow said one more time (snooze duvet) can you help me get the pillow cases ? Plz advise