Screen Printing Workshop 06 – CPT

The start of this year has been full of excitement, we have just moved studios and have already hosted our first workshop of 2016. Like all of our screen printing workshops, so much fun was had! Thank you to everyone who attended on the 23rd of January, we will remember this for a long long time!



Our workshops are so much fun, for us and those attending, the workshop is a full day 9am to 3pm and includes breakfast, lunch and refreshments. You will learn all about the different types of fabric printing and their strengths and limitations, based on what we know. You will screenprint, learn about fabric and technique and also what you will need to get started on your own.

You will screen print using our professional screens and also print from your own design which you will sketch and carve using a stencil technique. This workshop is just perfect if you are wanting to explore the possibility of screen printing your own products, or even just want a fun creative day spent doing something very unique.

We will also give you our supplier advice for any future screen printing you wish to do. No prior experience needed but if you do have prior experience no problem, this could be a lovely refresher!

We will be in JHB in March – all tickets are SOLD OUT! YAY. If you are interested in attending one of the JHB workshops please sign up to our workshop mailer to be one of the first to know when tickets go on sale. Sign up here.








We always find it difficult to summarize our workshops into one blog post, we are in awe of the creativity that comes out in each workshop and it is so much fun to teach the technique of screen printing to bring peoples ideas to life.

workshop_CPT23JAN-58       workshop_CPT23JAN-12



We have a few spots left for the DURBAN workshops, see them here, and we will be announcing a *new* CAPE TOWN date soon!




February 5, 20167:51 am

Hi there,
Please do let me know when you have the next availability

Robyn - Zana
February 5, 201611:19 am

Hi Jackie,

We have 1 ticket left for our Cape Town workshop 27th Feb.

March 4, 20168:39 pm

Any chance of you guys coming to PE? *hopeful smile*