Our New Studio (+Launch Party)

3 years ago we moved from our home/garage production space to our first studio. It was +- 80sqm and we were over the moon to have an official ‘office’. That space was an incredible stepping stone for us and we did so much growing in there. After about 2 years in that studio we began tripping over fabric rolls and there just wasn’t enough space for us all to be happy and productive! Working with linen and huge fabric rolls we just needed more room and more tables.

We began our hunt for a new space mid last year. We were quite picky. We had learnt what we wanted in a space after having our first office. Our old space was slightly underground and the light was not good at all for photos. We wanted natural light, open plan with lots of space to grow in our new studio space. We wanted to be able to shoot our photos in studio, before we would have to go to someone’s house or rent a space. Which is fine for a while but we wanted a change! Doing it in our studio makes it quicker.

After looking at a few spaces we found our current space which is part of a building being done up by a property developer. We absolutely love our new 300sqm space which is great for our workshops and just a month in we are in heaven. Being a creative, change and being a little uncomfortable is a good thing from time to time. I was excited to a new creative space & so was our team!

Here are some photos of the space:


An empty space before we moved in.


Moving day.


Previewing the space before it was ready.


Our comfy corner.


Other details from around the shop. Our lunch table & glorious huge windows.


Sewing up a storm.

newstudio_3  newstudio_2

We are so excited to be celebrating the launch of our new space this Friday. Our last studio was small and now with this new one we are so happy we can have huge parties and actually invite everyone! Come down & say hi on Friday after work. We have drinks & snacks, doodle booth, sit in our cozy corner and tons of other fun to get up to.

* Studio Launch Party *

Unit 2, 20 Brickfield Road, Woodstock

Friday 4 March 2016 – 4pm-7pm