These babes mean business . no1 – #WomensMonth

For #WomensMonth we have partnered with a few local artisan brands, these are businesses founded by powerful women and this month gives us a good reason to celebrate each other! The next 3 weeks will be filled with giveaways and business advise, we hope you enjoy this series as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

First up we have Jesslynn Schlamm founder and creator of all things beauty at Lulu & Marula. This natural skin food brand was founded in 2013 and has recently undergone a makeover, Lulu & Marula was created with 6 key principles in mind (and at heart), which you can read more about here.

Throughout this week we will be giving away 2 Lulu & Marula lip balms everyday, these will be snuck into your Zana order. Holding thumbs you are the lucky one…

and if you order something over at Lulu & Marula you will recieve a custom pineapple coin purse! Double YAY!


We sat down with Jesslynn,

We love your brand, tell us a little more about how you started…

Well thanks, you guys make me blush! Lulu & Marula was started by accident, as most good things do. I got into using oils and natural products in my own skincare regime, but couldn’t find things that worked for my temperamental, hormonal skin. So I worked on creating my ideal Cleansing Balm and Facial Oil, which I’ve now been using for 4+ years and still love. I started getting requests from friends and people where I worked, and then one day, a friend of mine offered to do my branding for me as a portfolio piece so that she could also launch her own design career. That friend is Anzel from White Kite Studio who now has a bustling design business, and here I am with Lulu & Marula!

Growing up, who was and today continues to be an inspirational women in your life?

It may be cliché, but my mum. She’s always been super creative and industrious, starting small businesses here and there from children’s clothing to importing jewelry and accessories. Then at 47 she stepped into a whole new industry and started a food waste recycling company which is thriving and growing. She showed me how to make my very first soap and body balm, and got me into living a greener life.


What has your biggest business challenge been and show have you overcome it?

Finding the right suppliers and retailers are always a struggle, it’s important for me to work with like-minded individuals. I’ve found that as I’ve grown and put myself out there, the right people have found me.

What gets you most excited about your job?

When people tell me how much they love my products and how they’ve helped them in some way, from clearing blemishes to soothing eczema. It really warms my heart to know that I’ve made a small difference in someone else’s life.


If you were to host a dinner party, which three influential women in the world would you invite and what would you cook?

Caroline Hirons, she’s a skincare guru and big believer in facial balms and oils – she’s actually how I got into using these babies on myself! Jenna Lyons. Apart from being intimidatingly stylish, she’s a brand-building machine. Amy Schumer, because she is hilarious and a fabulous modern-day feminist. I love Asian food, so dumplings, some sort of delicious duck with green veggies, and a homemade sorbet.

What advice would you give someone wanting to start their own business?

Don’t worry about the details, just start and you’ll figure those things out as you go. If you hold yourself back and wait for everything to be perfect, you’ll never start.



Thank you so much Jesslynn for working with us on this project.