Chocolate Cake Shake (Recipe)

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Chocolate Cake Shake

serves 3

•    1 1/4 cups of milk
•    4 cups vanilla ice cream
•    1 Tbsp cocoa
•    2 cups left-over chocolate cake, blitzed in a food processor, leave enough for garnish

•    salted caramel
•    chocolate sauce
•    sprinkles
•    biscuits for decoration
•    Can of whipped cream


Step 1: Mix together the milk, vanilla ice cream, cocoa and left-over chocolate cake in your blender and blitz until smooth. Divide the mixture between your 3 glasses.

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Step 2: Top each with whipped cream and drizzle with some chocolate sauce and salted caramel. Add some sprinkles and finish off each with a biscuit and a straw. Enjoy!

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