Zana at Etsy Open Call 2016


This past August we were selected as one of the Etsy wholesale sellers to be invited to Etsy Open Call at their HQ in Dumbo New York.


W H A T  I S  E T S Y  O P E N  C A L L ?  Y O U  M A Y  B E  W O N D E R I N G.

In short, the event was hosted by Etsy to promote their wholesale platform as well as give opportunities to select Etsy wholesalers. Around 1400 shops applied and they invited 34 sellers (mostly US based but a few from abroad, such as us) to show their product lines to some large retail buyers with the chance of orders. Etsy organised the large retail buyers to attend the event and for us to even get 5 minutes with these big name US buyers is something that we would probably never be able to land on our own.

I am happy to say that we did indeed land a purchase order with Paper Source and we are excited to have our products in their US stores leading up to the festive season.

Robyn, our co-founder attended the Etsy Open Call event. We are proud to have represented Zana at the event as well as South Africa as a whole!



A s  a  b o n u s ,  w e   g o t   t o   t o u r   t h e   E t s y   H Q ,  H a v e  a  l o o k :


Etsy’s reception desk above.


Art in the Etsy HQ above.


Art Installation above.


Just the casual view from the roof of the Etsy HQ above.

After the event Robyn had a few days to explore NYC (for the first time) and here is a little picture summary of her adventures for the wanderlust of you out there. You can follow Robyn on instagram @robynbritz.

E x p l o r i n g   N E W   Y O R K


5th Avenue.


Marble Floors

BP10Brooklyn Subway


Central Park at sunsetBP12



Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes for the trip!

x Zana Girls

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Tessa O'Halloran
September 6, 20168:42 am

so good! Awesome. Thanks for the view in Etsy HQ and congrats on landing an overseas deal!! represent!!!