Guilty Pleasures | with Melissa

A Friday night in watching movies, a lazy morning reading or simply snuggling – these are a few of our favorite things to do in bed…  This is a super fun blog series we photographed a little while ago. We couldn’t resist and did a quick Q&A to go along with it. Hope you enjoy it.

We checked in with Melissa, Marketing, PR and social media manager at Zana, to see what some of her guilty pleasures are,

Choose one: Bubble bath or steamy shower?

Candle lit bubble bath.

Name one of your most indulgent moments in your life:

Having massages after breakfast, lunch and dinner in Thailand last year between eating ALL the delicious food and swimming in the most gorgeous ocean.

If you were to host a slumber party which 3 people in the world would you invite (dead or alive) and why?

What about not born yet? I would love to host a slumber party with my unborn daughter, my late Mom, Rachel McAdams. That would be so very special. We would totally be watching the Notebook. DUH!



Available from single – king size.  

While eating your snack in bed what else can we find you doing?

Scrolling through instagram cuddling my kitten, Sullivan.

What is your perfect time to wake up in the morning?


Choose one: Wine or cider?

Red wine.

What is your ultimate holiday destination?

San Francisco. Oh no wait, New York. Hmmm, maybe America would be a better answer.


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