2016 roundup at Zana

We have had an incredible year here at Zana and we wanted to share with you a little roundup of some of the highlights…

O U R   N E W  S T U D I O – B R I C K F I E L D  R D.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself that a business we started in our home garage now has this beautiful big space! We started 2016 off by moving from our 70SQM space at Salt Circle into a 300SQM warehouse in upper Woodstock. The decision to move happened quite suddenly and was really pushed by the fact that we were starting to make linen which requires large tables. Think about cutting a king size duvet. You need some big tables!

We were also desperate to have more space for us to be able to host our Screen Printing workshops in an ideal space which we struggled to find elsewhere. We really needed something large, open planned and on the ground floor, which is exactly what we found. We have had some growing pains getting used to living in a new home, but overall it has been amazing.





S C R E E N P R I N T I N G  W O R K S H O P S.

Workshops have been been a real prominent feature of 2016 for us. We did 9 Cape Town workshops, 6 in Jozi and 2 in Durban this year. That means in 2016 we taught roughly 188 people how to screen print. It has been an amazing experience, we have made new friends in Jozi, CT & Durban. Thank you to everyone who attended one of our workshops in 2016, we taught you & you supported a local business trying to do something different and cool.

We will be hosting more workshops in 2017, the first workshop date has just been announced, want to join us at our Woodstock studio on the 21 January?  Buy your ticket here .



B E D  L I N E N.

Producing beautiful, local bed linen has been a long term dream of ours and this year IT CAME TRUE. Dreams do come true guys! We originally launched our linen with Superbalist late last year(2015) , then after a period of 6 months exclusivity and heading into a new year we decided to take it on and we began to sell it on our shop. Now i’m sure most people would be like ‘oh whats the big deal, you are a fabric company, you make fabric things, how is linen such a big deal’ – but bed linen (up to a king size) is not a small undertaking. The large print surface area means you need big tables, big screens and a large amount of startup capital. Our new studio gave us the space to grow and afforded us the opportunity to for fill this dream.

We had a really fun slumber party in our new studio to celebrate the launch of our linen being sold online and being the first of its kind in South Africa. Since then we have had interest from all over the world and we sell tons of linen sets and cot sheets. We have such cool plans to bring out new sets (including colours) in 2017! Watch this space…

See more cool posts we did documenting us creating & celebrating the linen: BEHIND THE SCENESSLUMBER PARTY .



Z A N A  I N  N E W  Y O R K.

In August this year I (Robyn) went to New York for Etsy Open Call. I got to visit the Etsy HQ in Dumbo & pitch to various retailers. It was such an amazing experience to represent South African makers at such a cool international event. I absolutely loved every minute of it and I am happy to say we were one of the shops to land a nice big purchase order with Papersource. Hands down our biggest single order to date which we are currently working on as we speak.




A  G O O D B Y E.

Although it was mostly fun and great times in 2016, we did have a sad day when we said goodbye to Nikki, our designer of 3 years. Thank you Nikki for all of your hard work, a great part of what we have become is thanks to the hours you put in to designing so many of the visuals we use today.

Nikki has gone on to pursue her patisserie business, Lion Heart full time. Luckily her kitchen is in a side room of our studio so she didn’t go very far (and every now and then we get to be cake taste testers!) We love seeing her every day and we wish her and Karmen every success in the years to come.


O T H E R  F U N  P R O J E C T S.

February was fun, the month of love! We couldn’t help doing this cute Love Puns Valentines series over on Instagram.

So often we are perceived as a girly brand so this past Father’s day we celebrated ‘DAD’ over on Instagram – see here… and for all the Moms, well we were on the Expresso show showing the country how to create the perfect Mother’s day tray.

In August we celebrated Women’s month by featuring 3 amazing Women in business. See them here 01 LULU & MARULA. 02 MARIA MAGDALENA . 03 SWEET LION HEART

What a year! Full of love, success and a little bit of sadness… Here is our #2016TopNine , all the things you loved over on Instagram this year. SPOILER ALERT, Watch out for more secret chair projects… See some behind the scenes here.



T H A N K  Y O U.

A huge thank you to everyone who shopped with us and attended our workshops this year. None of this would have been possible without your support. Thank you to our suppliers and collaborators, making beautiful things come to life is what keeps us inspired!

Also thanks to everyone who has commented on Instagram or sent us an email to tell us how we are girl bosses and how you love what we are doing. You have no idea how much your kind words and enthusiasm reminds us that we are doing the right thing everyday. Happy holidays and have a Merry New Year.


With love from the #Zanagirls