April is our birthday month, we are turning 5 on the 8th. FIVE! How did this happen? Guess, time flys when you are having fun!

Talking about fun, we have so much of it planned for this month! Giveaways, new products and… Well, you will have to wait and see about the rest!

We have been working with Ghost Goods on this secret project for the last two months and have been bursting with excitement at the thought of sharing it with you, hi5 to 5 years!

Spend R1000.00 and get a limited edition Zana X Ghost Goods birthday pin for FREE!

Happy shopping!

Thank you so much for loving our brand, your feedback keeps us going, inspires us to create beautiful things and simply makes us smile. Thank you.

Our official birthday date is the 8th of April, but everyone knows a birthday is not complete unless you spend the whole week celebrating! As part of the festivities, We are giving away one-treat-per-day over on Instagram, to a different winner each day! That’s right, you have 6 whole chances to win! Head over to Instagram now. 

*Pins are limited edition. Only 100 pins made. 


Written and compiled by Melissa Lawrence