Girl on the go. *NEW* April 2017 range

Us #Zanagirls love a little adventure. April is our birthday month and as part of the festivities we have just launched a range of products inspired by our own adventures over the past 5 years. This April 2017 range is inspired by the girl on the go, we all have new cities to explore and memories to make – take us with you!

Browse our new range now. 

Toiletry bags, coin purses, make up bags, totes, pencil bags and so much more!

Mix or match your toiletry and make up bags.

Our range is vibrant, fun and ready to wear – filled with new textile products, lead by our new colour pallette and two new patterns, buzzed and bunch. Our buzzed print is an energetic small scale pattern, it comes in gold, monochrome and stone. Where as our bunch pattern is bold, quirky and offers the colour punch you may be missing from buzzed!

Left: Bunch. Right: Buzzed.

You may recognize your old favorite products, like the basic tote, looking new and fresh! We also take your suggestions to heart and are really excited to share some new ideas with you! Like our wall tapestries, see above.

Our fold over sling bags have matured into a modern and simple shoulder bag, perfect for a night on the town! Just the right size for all your bis and bobs, the genuine leather strap is adjustable and is worn over the shoulder or across your body. 

Printed leather, we are crushing hard on this one!

It is a dream come true to design and produce beautiful things for you to decorate life with! Take us on your adventures and tag us on social media – @ZanaProducts on Instagram, twitter and Facebook. 

Written and compiled by Melissa Lawrence.