Something Fresh for your Desk – Wallpaper #17

This month we are having fun with flowers, after all it is the month in which we celebrate Mom and also, who doesn’t love flowers? 

Apart from this cute bunch of *FREE* desktop downloads, this month we also did this sweet flower wrap download, an oldie but a goody!

Now, lets get to it!

Download the ‘Bloom’ desktop wallpaper by clicking here: [download id=”109″] or mobile here: [download id=”110″]

*A little birdie told me we are  having a sale on soft pots at the end of the month, keep an eye out for that* 

Download the ‘May Day’ desktop wallpaper by clicking here: [download id=”111″] or mobile here: [download id=”112″]

Download the ‘flower power’ desktop wallpaper by clicking here: [download id=”113″] or mobile here: [download id=”114″]

To Download the mobile wallpaper:

– If you’re on your phone click the download link and it will take you directly to the image. Save the image to your phone, and set it as your wallpaper in the settings area of your phone.
– If you’re on a computer click the download link and it will take you directly to the image. Save the image to your computer and then email the image to yourself. Open the email on your phone, save the image to your device and set the photo as the wallpaper.

If your iPhone is stretching your wallpaper, follow these simple steps before uploading your new wallpaper: Launch Settings > Tap on General > Tap on Accessibility > Choose the option for Reduce Motion and turn the option to On.

Then simply upload the image and set to wallpaper as you normally would. This wallpaper should work for most smartphones but the crop will vary depending on which device you are using!
We LOVE seeing people using our wallpapers, so if you download and use them, take a pic of your screen and let us see!

Tag us/link us/mention @zanaproducts on Twitter or Instagram.

Hope you LOVE these!

Our most popular wallpapers to date include, mermaids, unicorns and watermelons of course!


Designed by our intern, Emma Haines. Written and compiled by Melissa Lawrence