If you follow us on social media you will know that on Saturday 22nd of July we hosted our last #Zanaworkshop for 2017, at our Woodstock studio in Cape Town, we loved meeting more #Zanagirls and WOW did we have fun!

We are sad that due to tough circumstances we have had to stop the workshop temporarily but make sure you sign up to our workshop mailer to be the first to know about 2018 dates! Sign up here.

The Zana screen printing workshop is a fun day out, a way for you to get creative. It is a hands on experience and we are there to guide you along the way. Enjoy the photos,


At the workshop we serve a light breakfast and a full lunch. We also have sweet treats and refreshments on stand by all day… Screen printing sure does work up an appetite!

At the #Zanaworkshop you will learn all about the different types of fabric printing and their strengths and limitations, based on what we know. You will screen print, learn about fabric and technique and also what you will need to get started on your own. You will screen print using our professional screens and also print from your own design which you will sketch and carve using a stencil technique. You can then buy a our starter kits to screen print at home using the techniques we have taught.


*Please note these kits are set up in alignment with how we teach the process in our workshops, I would recommend you attend the workshop before buying a kit.

We love the almost limitless process of hand cut vinyl applied to a blank screen, this is a great way to test ideas and develop your design at home before having your screen professionally exposed.

See photos from our other workshops here and check out #zanaworkshop out on Instagram, we love seeing everyones photos and hearing feedback from the day spent with us!

Such a wonderful group of ladies, thank you for joining us for a day of fun and creativity! 

For those of you who are asking, unfortunately we wont be coming back to JHB or Durban, for the simple reason that it is incredibly expansive for us to travel with all our equipment and special workshop tables. So sorry about that! We encourage you to be a tourist in your own country and join us in Cape Town for the weekend!


Written and compiled by Melissa Lawrence