Brand New Zana April 2018






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Notes from Robyn who designed this range: With this collection I wanted to steer clear of the geometrics we have done for the last number of years and explore where our style could meet something softer and more organic. We aren’t quite a ‘floral’ brand so I decided to go with simplified organic shapes and name the signature pattern of this collection ‘Stem.’ As not everyone loves such a strong pattern we also brought out a more subtle grey ‘Confetti’ pattern to compliment. I also wanted to play with colour print on colour fabric which you will see throughout.

We brought out 3 new product types, The Yoga Mat Bag, which as a yoga lover myself, I felt like was really lacking in the market. Its spacious, easy to carry and I am so happy with how it came out. Next up, the Backpack, born mainly out of the fact that I wanted to make some cute statement backpacks that are cotton and I can carry hiking or take some clothes to sleep at a friend. Thirdly the Moon Bag, having a hot moment in fashion recently, seeing mainly monochrome ones available I thought some pattern ones would be great for those who want a little added spice. – All three new products we have also offered in some old monochrome favourites, just for those who like to play it on the safer side.

I shared some of my planning and drawings below for those who are interested in how this all came together. I start with sharpie drawings which I scan in to vectorize and make make a ‘perfect’ repeat pattern in Illustrator. This takes many rounds and lots of print outs. I then look at base fabric samples from our fabric suppliers to see what colours I have to work with this season. Then I play with colour combinations by method of sticking things onto other things basically. When I have decided on the patterns I think about product, Sue and the rest of the team make sewing patterns and sew up multiple prototypes until we get it ‘just right.’ From there we make up all the variations, photograph and work on pricing. This all leads up until today where we launch for the world to see.

We hope you love the new range as much as we do. Thank you for your continued support.