Yoga Week: Tara Samaai

We are running yoga week over on our instagram this week. Today we are featuring the lovely Tara Samaai. We did a shoot and asked her a few questions below:

1.) What is your name, surname and age?

– My name is Tara Samaai I will be 21 in October.

2.) How long have you been practicing yoga?

– You could say I have been practicing yoga for almost 4 years, but the last year I have been doing it almost everyday.

3.) What are your 3 favorite poses? 

– I enjoy heart opening poses especially dancers pose. Pinchamayurasana is my ultimate favourite I try to include it in every practice. Although I don’t do it without a wall as support, handstands is definitely developing into a all time favourite (hopefully someday I will be able to press up!).

4.) What do you do for fun in your spare time?

– I had to think hard on this one because yoga is really my go-to for fun haha, but besides that I enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, being at the beach, I have just rediscovered reading, I enjoy playing xbox and binge watching series over and over and over. I should definitely find more hobbies. Oh and I love finding new places to eat!

5.) Winter is here, you’re at a coffee shop, what is your go-to beverage of choice?

– I usually go for a milkshake but with winter creeping in definitely a coffee.


You can follow Tara on Instagram here.

Photos taken at Wild Thing.