Zana X Ghost Goods

Robyn Britz Nicole Dalton Ghost Goods x Zana

Introducing our new collaboration with the incredible Nicole Dalton of Ghost Goods. Nicole and I most recently got to spend time together at 99 Juta working an event called 99 Spring.

We took naturally to being each others Instagram girlfriends with the 99 Juta pink walls (of our dreams.) If that wasn’t enough, in order to see even more pink we went on an adventure to ‘Flamingo Room’ Tasha’s in Sandton. What we consider full on touristing as two Capetonian gals.

So, basically now that we have travelled together, it was the time we needed to launch a range together.

So here we are. We added 3 of Nicole’s designs to our range and we couldn’t be happier. We hope you love them as much as we do. Browse the mini collection here.

It's Cute to Care Coin Purse Ghost Goods x Zana