New Zana July 2019

When people say handmade small businesses make ‘slow fashion’ this sentiment is so true. Things happen slowly. We have been working on this range for months and each time another big project or job comes up the new range development got sidelined. After multiple revisions, colours, back and forth finally it is coming into the light for you all to see and we are so happy. Thank you for keeping us so busy!

We wanted to do a new pattern and my inspiration was hand drawn paint or ink squiggles. I briefed Sue who has all the art equipment who then sent me some scans of her works. I vectorised them in Adobe Illustrator, turned them into a repeat pattern and ‘Spring’ came to life! This name comes from the idea of a bed spring, not the season, because its still very much winter in the Southern Hemisphere!

When it came to colours Lilac is trending at the moment (and a personal favourite) so we wanted to include that. We also worked with Blue, by staggering popular demand. The amount of markets we have done where people ask for blue was hard to ignore!

Sue’s scans (left) Me looking at colours and fabric (right)

So once we had our new fabric pattern and colours down we thought about products. Even though we love to make our old popular favourite products with our new pattern, developing new shapes is very important for our business. Keeping fresh things coming your way. We have 3 new shapes that will launch this month. Firstly is, in this launch, the Moon Sling.

prototyping (left) to complete at shoot (right)

We have some other exciting new shapes launching as the month goes on. It is just alot of product so we decided to split it up. Here is one we are particularly excited about.

We posted on our Instagram stories a while ago about how our products are made. It felt right for us and important for us to share with you where Zana comes from. Our staff are paid well and have been with us for years. We have fair working hours and conditions. Zana is people first and profit second. This is why we do these types of blog posts, to show you the meaning behind what you are purchasing from us. It sets us, as small businesses, apart. We encourage you to shop slow when you can.

We hope you love the new collection. Thank you for supporting us all of these years, this year marks our 7th year in business, wow! – Sue & Robyn Britz & The Zana Team

See the first drop of the new range here >