Build Your Own Meter


We know a lot of you love fabric and buy our scrap packs. Sometimes having meters of 1 print can be daunting so we have decided to do something we have been looking at for years! Build your own meter of the 4 designs of your choice. Each piece of fabric is approx 50cm x 70cm and you get 4 of them making up your meter.

All of our fabrics are upholstery weight with a 100% cotton base. Except the following are light weight fabrics with poly-cotton base: Purple Spring & Specks Navy (limited ed.) Please also note that all of our fabrics are hand screen printed and minor imperfections in the print may occur.

Please note: We absolutely love it when people buy and make things out of our fabric but we do not allow anyone to purchase our fabric in order to make goods to resell. We have to protect our small business and we cannot have other online stores selling bags that are not ours that are made from our fabric. This becomes a bit tricky, we hope you understand our situation! We are however flexible and the following things are totally fine: If you are an interior designer doing work for a client. If you are making personal projects of any kind or something for a friend or family member. If you are creating baby goods or items to sell that are in a complete different category to the things we make. If you are someone who is previously disadvantaged making a small volume of items to sell at small craft markets. If you are unsure about what you can and cannot do or feel like you are in a category we have not mentioned please pop us an email we are very easy going. Then we will both have peace of mind! Email:

Black Specks

Navy Specks (Limited Ed)

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Gold Stars

Black Stars


Lines Reverse

Pink Waves

Mint Waves

Black Waves

Stone Spring

Spring Black

Gold Triangle

Swiss 01

Swiss 02