DIY Mini Screen Printing Kit Cool


After teaching sold out screen printing workshops across the country for the past 2 years we wanted to make a mini version of a printing setup that makes it easy for you to manage and find space to do at home.

Perfect for beginners and children as it comes with a how-to manual inside and the essential items needed to get started. You can print on pillowcases, teatowels, tshirts, the options are endless.

Give the gift of creativity this Christmas. A proudly South African made product.

wooden mesh screen
3 pieces of white fabric to get started
20 pieces of vinyl
a how-to booklet
4 water based ink colors (black, blue, emerald green and light grey – as seen in the pictures)

sink to wash screen
extra fabric
masking tape
hair dryer

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Just like you see in the pictures, you can print on white pillowcases, tshirts, teatowels. 100% cotton is recommended but you can experiment with any type of fabric you want.

Please note, this is not a professional setup in anyway, the print size is limited because of the size of the screen. This is a hobbyist / crafting kit. We cannot guarantee professional results.

Printing only on lighter colour fabrics. Will not print on black/grey/dark colours.

Depending on the success of the kits, we will be selling extra ink ‘top ups’ in the future.