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‘Monks Cloth’ commonly used for punch needle in the USA is not readily available in SA we decided instead of importing it (at a huge cost meaning it would be so expensive for you to buy from us) we would work with a local mill to weave our own! Supporting local business instead of importing.

  • Amy Oxford sent us a sample of Monks Cloth and we sent that sample to Barrydale Weavers to create something similar for us.
  • We have tried and tested the fabric and it gives such a smooth and easy punch experience where the wool is held much better in place and it feels ‘tight’. A real premium experience if you are doing paid work, making gifts or want something of high quality to work with and make your life easier. Maybe just order 1 piece for THAT special project you have in mind.
  • Fabric is not pre shrunken so should not be used on an item intended to be wet, will shrink! We do not recommend washing punch needle creations anyway!
  • Locally produced and supporting local mills.
  • Woven by hand operated loom (how incredible!)

If you are after a piece of fabric at a specific size please email us for a quote ordering the correct size for your frame could be the most economical use as we can cut it and charge you just right.

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Fabric to stretch onto our 30x30cm Frame, Fabric to stretch onto our 55x55cm Frame, 1m x 1.23m Piece