*Second 13″ Stars Black Laptop Sleeve with Handles

46$ 23$

1 X 13″ Stars Black Laptop Sleeve with Handles (Genuine Leather Finishes)

Sold as a ‘Second’ because of print errors on white print (pictured) also the leather tabs are not completely straight (pictured)

Otherwise in perfect using condition and finishes as per normal.

  •  13” MacBook Pro or other brands Dimensions of sleeve are 38cm wide x 28cm high.

If you are unsure whether your laptop will fit, you can measure it with a ruler using the dimensions provided above.

100% cotton screen printed white onto black base fabric with lining and foam inside to add cushioning for your laptop. Chunky brass finish zip with genuine leather detailing. By popular demand we have now also added the option for non leather finishes which will be done with vegan leather (pleather) look alike in the same style.

Care: Spot Clean Fabric

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