Weaving Links

A helpful tip before you start weaving to think about or plan how your wall hanging is going to look. If you are a beginner, try and keep it simple. Make one similar to shown on the cover of the booklet. If you are brave go for it and youtube away to find new/more advanced techniques.

Just by searching ‘Woven Wall Hangings” on Pinterest, I saw hundreds of inspiration pictures for what I can possibly create.

For entry level weaving techniques, we found this video to be very clear and helpful. She is using a cardboard loom, which in essence is the same thing, ours is just a little bit more stable and permanent.

Weaving Techniques (Plain Weave, Basket Weave, Box Weave & Rya Weave)

Weaving with roving techniques (the fluffy big wool)

Soumak technique with roving, gives a lovely effect.

A really fun and inspirational video about Wendy’s weaving adventures. Great for creative inspiration about what is possible, she also talks about a technique called looping and gets very creative with colour. The possibilities are endless.

To finish up the top, we used a hem stitch. I followed this video closely to understand the method

Where can I buy more wool?

WOOLWORLD IN WOODSTOCK 332 Victoria Rd, Woodstock.

COW GIRLS https://cowgirlblues.co.za/

WOOLCRAFT  has the thick roving wool.  /http://woolcraft.co.za/product-category/wool/


Gallery of weavings made using our kit:

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